Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dec 7th

Stocked up on card making supplies and some more blank boxes yesterday AND finished a new Tea Box. Wasn't planning on it but I really wanted my old friend Tea Time Panda back in the shop. He's a bit of a lucky character. Plus I've become superstitious and believe if I have less than 28 items in the shop I won't sell anything. Silly, I know, but so far my track record has proven this to be true. But I am really trying to stock my shop with such a diverse array of items in time for my big debut in the paper this Friday.
Not to mention I have a big sale on Saturday and there's lots to do. So today I'm a painting fool and I guess I won't have a day off until Sunday after the sale and hooplah. But you know what- that's alright because I am loving every minute of being a painting elf.
I'm thinking an English Tea Box and Mandala record and some more Christmas cards. I am also thinking I need to bake some banana bread today.
I really need to be kept away from the stamps and stationary section of the store because I ended up buying a little more than I planned. I will put it to good use so it's ok but NAUGHTY NAUGHTY, tsk tsk....tight budget right now.
Everyone enjoy the day, whatever it brings- it's still a little gift!

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