Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec 23rd-Vacation!

Never have been a fan of the word "Vacay". Leave it to us to take one of the most beautiful words in the English language and hack it to a harsh and awkward sound. No. Let that beautiful word rolllll off your tongue, every syllable to be savored. Vay-cay-shun! Vacation!
Today is the beginning of mine and I have looked to the wise creatures who inhabit my home with me for advice. There they are pictured above and their advice to me...well, can be viewed quite easily. Laziness. Couch worshipping. Snuggling. A Whole Lot Of Nothin'. They are so wise, easier said than done though. I am actually kicking off my vacation with some organizing and cleaning but not getting too crazy about it and there will be plenty of couch worship as I catch up on some magazines and reading. I've got some snacks stocked up and everyones orders are DONE! I could do a count of how many people are getting Tigerbee Goods this year for Christmas but it hurts my head as much as warms my heart- I have painted a LOT this season! And I've barely seen friends so I've decided to go out tonight, in a dress and everything and have a celebratory drink. Maybe a cranberry something?
Hoping everyone is enjoying some time doing fun things, resting and being with friends and family. It's time to slow down and remember the things that matter.
Where are my kitties? We have some snugglin' to do!

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