Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year of The Rabbit

Working on my second cup of coffee and trying to shake away the Nyquil/Melatonin cobwebs that have me in their fuzzy grasp. There is much to be done now that I can breathe a little better.
My studio needs to be sorted, organized and put in order. Yesterday I pulled myself from bed and sat in the studio to put two new boxes together- for the mere purpose of having something new in the Etsy shop and to do something. I can't stand lazing a few days away with nothing created. I'm mental like that.
Finished a nice Year Of The Rabbit box (pictured above) but had no patience to take good pictures so I'll be re-shooting it today-outside preferably. I am loving introducing new elements to the boxes, little pieces of glass mosaic tiles- this fun metallic paint I discovered. It's going to be a time of experimentation for me when I finish all my pending orders next week. I'm also in the mood for mandala records. Not enough time in the day!
Still suffering through a cold which has been tricky like a fox, lulling me into false sense of security and then leaping upon me viciously. I am going to be vigilant with my meds, vitamins and good eating for a good while until it is gone.
It's the pending New Year anyway- sometimes you need things such as bad health to act as catalysts for change.
Sales have been slow as I had predicted. The hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping is over and people are trying to rebuild their wallets. Am going to do my best not to stress and keep plowing forward with creating and hoping ol Luck smiles down on me....that and lots of marketing research and trying to find new avenues of selling. Possibly need to make a new sales event happen. Like I said....not enough time in the day.
Here's to everyones GOOD HEALTH, PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS in the New Year! Never forget that YOU are the Captain of your ship so steer that baby where you may!

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