Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 20th- It Looms!

It's the week of Christmas and the house is a mess, good thing I'm not expecting any guests! Oh wait- I am. CRIKEY! Have people coming to pick up their orders this week so some time should be devoted to a bit of housework.
Just finished a monster of a box. Sorry Jesus and Mary- but you were a two day mountain. Pleased with the way they came out though. Possibly why my back is killing me. Will be doing penance at Pilates class for it.
Much to do before I take a "break" and why am I thinking that I could start my vacation on Wednesday? That's just crazy. I just had two orders drop in my lap after the cutoff date. Happy for the business and definitely need the money so I'll be working on getting those done so RESTING can commence!
I have so much to do that I've decided not to think about it but rather turn on the autopilot and just start cruise control- picking up one thing, doing it, moving on, on to the next thing, etc, etc. Maybe I should make a list? Maybe that will just stress me out even more? Still need to go buy something for Christmas dinner. I'm getting the feeling the family is just not in the mood this year but I'm feeling ham-mish and am going to see how much a nice glazed ham costs this week. Luckily Santa came early and smiled on me- I am now the proud owner of a bike basket and mount! I can carry more groceries! I can carry more packages to the post! I am feeling super excited and abundant about this!
Looking forward to a BUSY but fun week, I think the fun will start when the house is clean, the orders are done and theres a ham in the oven.
Try to enjoy the madness!

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