Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec 13th-Ship Day!

Something criminal about leaving a warm, cozy bed to trudge around downtown in 26 degrees WILLINGLY. But that is what I'm doing today. Shipping day and Pilates for me. I was planning on my usual supply run which adds another 3 hours to my trip but as of right now I'm nixing that plan and saving it for a warmer day. BRR!
Mailing out Panda Box (above) and an armload of Christmas cards I slaved over all evening. Note to self: get cards done around Thanksgiving time next year.
Today is supposedly the busiest shipping day of the year according to internet hype. Hopefully thats not true this year or hopefully I get there before anyone. The 26 degrees might be playing into my favor after all!
Have a great day everyone, the big day looms nearer! I'm offering 15% off in my etsy shop if you use the code XMAS1 so you can still get a great deal for a Christmas gift and there are tea boxes in stock. Put your friends favorite tea in there and you are ready to give an excellent gift!

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