Friday, December 17, 2010

Dec 17th- Balance

I've decided to give myself a mini vacation for the holidays. An extreme and implausible notion for a self employed artist! Those are lost days with no pay unless something sells in the Etsy shop but alas- life is too short and didn't I vow when I left my 9-5 that life was for living? So yes, I will be enjoying a few days of leisure time with family and friends and enjoying the holiday as best I can without a paintbrush attached to my hand. That means I finish all projects before next Wednesday. I can do it!
It's important to find the work/life balance and it's a daily struggle for me right now. I haven't slipped into a routine, in fact I've been enjoying NO routine whatsoever but then I find the house starts to go to pieces and grocery shopping doesn't get done etc, etc. I'll find the balance with a little tweaking here and there.
Finished a customers box yesterday- a monster of a box that took all day it seemed. I'm blaming the colder temps for not allowing paint to dry fast enough and today I start another customers box whilst juggling housecleaning (yay) and some food prepping. Starving artists still need to eat.
But where yesterdays attitude was driven and inflexible today finds me leisurely and open to where the wind blows me. Maybe it's the holidays tapping me on the shoulder?
Everyone have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

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