Sunday, December 05, 2010

Short and Sweet

I declare today Hot Chocolate Day! Well, it's 39 degrees here in Dallas and it feels like good weather to put on a pot of hot chocolate, a retro Christmas record (Johnny Mathis anyone?) and FINALLY put my decorations on my tiny tree. I think my tree is 15" tall and I have finally trained my cats to leave it alone. Although there always seems to be some mysterious ornament casualty a year- I have yet to get a confession out of any of them.
After all the fun it's back into the studio. I am going to attempt to recreate Bike and Bunny record. Wish me luck! I'm also thinking to do a jaguar box but we'll see how much steam I have. Finished a Ramones box and an English Tea Box yesterday and listed them on Etsy.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and just a reminder- if you sign up for my mailing list you get DEALS N STEALS on stuff in my shop. Visit my website for the details!

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