Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dec 18th- Here, There, Everywhere

Yesterday I walked into the living room where my indoor mailbox drops and found a whole smattering of Christmas cards everywhere. YAY! Santa came when I wasn't looking! Amongst the envelopes was a larger envelope and in it was the Oak Cliff People newspaper I appeared in. YAY! My Mom was so proud and she needed a little cheer, it's been a very rough year on our family.
It's funny all the things you get asked in an interview that never make it into print. I'm fairly certain 80% of my conversation revolved around how my Dads passing gave me some inner inspiration to make good on his name and go out and seek my dreams. That didn't make it into print unfortunately but it is true.
I was surprised to make the front page but there I am! Funny how the story happened, I was trying to fill out their form online to buy an ad when a computer glitch didn't complete the process. One of their ad agents went to my website to investigate, loved what she saw and told a reporter about me and WHAM- story! You just never know how life will surprise you.
Today is gonna be madness I suspect. Bussing to the drugstore to pick up medicine, riding over to visit my Mom later ( car here) and then possibly hooking up with a friend for a holiday card order pickup. Party invitation for this evening... and somewhere in there finishing this box for a customer. OH MY! Where's my second cup of coffee?

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