Thursday, December 09, 2010

Dec 9th- take care day!

Yesterday was abuzz with boxes. I finished 3 in one day- I think a new milestone for me. I finished two English Tea Boxes and this little Jaguar Box pictured above. I used my new little mosaic tiles and LOVED how easy they were to work with. How cool they look when they are dry. They really added a lot to that box!
Someday I'll do some mosaic tile stuff, will need grout and all that fun stuff.
Had some visitors yesterday too, good thing I had baked some brownies up for giving. One of my friends bought all the Christmas cards I had just made so I will need to make some more today. Maybe my Mom will want to make some too. Thats where I'm heading today, off to visit my Mom with some brownies in tow of course! :)
Unfortunately the BUG has hit our house. I've been waiting for it. But this morning my man had the sniffley, stuffies and complaints. A sure sign that the dreaded cold bug has arrived. I have yet to get it. I really don't want to get sick so I will be doing some extra care tactics today. Disinfecting all the doorknobs, light switches, phone and common handling places. Going to the store for more herbal teas (I've been drinking Good Earths Sweet and Spicy Tea-already sweet no sugar to add!), bell peppers, garlic, chicken, lemons, ginger, tomatoes, oranges and good soup making ingredients. And I'll be going OUT and away from the bug today, good fresh brisk air and biking.
All of this could be futile and my blog tomorrow may be a lot of wah wah wah Im sick! :( Sad face! But hopefully not.
Yesterday I was contacted by an interested art buyer and he is supposed to come view the piece in person this evening and (crossed fingers) buy and pick it up. I really do hope so because I really could use that sale. I love the piece but it's been with me a few years and I am ready to let it go to a nice home with spacious walls.

A good part of the evening will find me packing up all my boxes, records, cards and gridwall for the SALE on Saturday. Going on Friday to setup so theres lots to do to prepare. I don't forsee me creating any new boxes or records today so I will just enjoy Mom time and make some soup. Possibly some Christmas card making. It's a Take Care kinda day.
Everyone Take Care!

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