Monday, December 06, 2010

Dec 6th

I get lost in December sometimes and have to try to find a calendar and see what day it is. It's the 6th! I guess the countdown has begun. I have to keep track of the days for the sake of knowing when to take stuff to the post office and how fast stuff ships etc. The English Tea Box I just posted didn't survive 24 hours on Etsy so it's off to the post with it today. Then off to Pilates class and a train adventure to go pick up more supplies. This is becoming the weekly routine.
It's just about time to send off Christmas cards to family and friends too. There really is just not enough time in the day, not even if I get up at 5am. Whew!
Trying to go into the week with positivity even though to be honest the impending holidays have got me a little down. Staying busy will be a balm and I definitely have lots to stay busy at. Going to try and appreciate all the holiday decor downtown today, maybe hunt down some roasted chestnuts somewhere. Have never seen a roasted chestnut man selling them here but there should be!

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