Wednesday, December 15, 2010

11 days til Christmas

I hope I can be as happy and smiley as I run around today as Mr. Gingerbread Man there. Very packed day but should be fun.
Starting off with packing an English Tea Box and biking it over to the nearest post, another Christmas present that needs expediting for a customer. Then I'm reporting to a Toys For Tots Donation Drive at my local park, I'll be sorting toys for a few hours before dropping off another box to a customer in the neighborhood and then working on orders after all is said and done. WHEW!
Much to be done and it's looking like my natural wreath may never get started, maybe it'll be a New Years wreath instead.
Trying to shake off some Bah Humbugs so Im hoping volunteering and riding my bike all over town will be just the ticket.
Have a great one everybody!


René said...

I'm imagining a little gingerbread girl, wrapping presents for the kiddies, then hopping away on her bike. :-)

fuzzbuzz said...

Pretty much! My bike helmet almost got put in a bag for a donation! LOL!